Sadiant Health  is the revolutionary app-based healthcare staffing agency that is improving healthcare one shift at a time. Our app and staffing process is designed to make life easier for both healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. With Sadiant:

  • There is no need for a middle-man so healthcare facilities pay less for their temporary workforce and healthcare professionals are paid more for their hard work
  • Healthcare professionals experience easy scheduling functionality to set their own schedules and receive notifications of available shifts
  • Healthcare professionals can take advantage of free, online credential storage and management to keep qualifications and work history up-to-date and easy to access
  • Healthcare facilities receive on-demand access to an experienced, qualified staff ready to fill shifts on short notice who can show up to work quickly


  • Sadiant Health was founded by Nurses for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
  • Sadiant Health pays more than the other agencies because we eliminate the middle man by effectively leveraging technology
  • Sadiant Health eliminates frequent phone calls from recruiters so that you can practice nursing without interruption
  • Sadiant Health’s technology eliminates the chaos of credential tracking
  • Sadiant Health allows you to take command of your schedule by being "on call" when it is convenient for you


  • Sadiant Health adds value to your organization by providing qualified temporary staff at very reasonable bill rates
  • Sadiant Health establishes an on-demand external float pool of workers that meets your facility’s specific IT or clinical training/on-boarding requirements
  • Sadiant Health's transparent staffing solution allows managers, ward clerks, and HR personnel to choose from our pre-vetted staff
  • Sadiant Health saves time by eliminating phone calls to staffing agencies so you can focus on patients and employees
  • Sadiant Health’s easy scheduling process takes the pain out of finding temporary staff and allows you to adjust staffing ratios quickly, ultimately improving patient care



"I want to pick up a few extra shifts every now and then, but agencies always make it such a hassle. I’m excited about the simplicity of the Sadiant model, and the fact that they pay me more for my hard work."

- Libby Allen, RN



Leah Cooper | Founder

Founder of Sadiant Health, Leah used her experience as a contract nurse to solve problems no other agency has.


Sarah Snetzer | CEO

Sarah is great at running things and she's proven that throughout her career as a medical admin. Now she’s helping her sister, Leah, realize her vision for Sadiant.


Jon Kurth | COO

Jon has a background in corporate finance but his experience extends beyond crunching numbers. He is the engine that helps Sadiant continually demonstrate value for its clients and employees.


Cyrus Bosley | Co-Founder

Cyrus has a master's in nursing and many years of experience in numerous healthcare settings. Today, he applies his experience as a healthcare professional to build a better staffing solution.