Sadiant Health Hosts Hiring Event Recruiting Tyler & Longview RNs

App-based nurse staffing company hosts its first hiring event in Tyler to hire 100 nurses; new hires choose when they want to work
WHEN:  Wednesday, October 3; 3:00 pm 9:00 pm
               Thursday, October 4; 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
WHAT:  Fort Worth-based Sadiant Health is expanding its workforce to Tyler/Longview; to  
              rapidly hire nurses, the company is hosting a hiring event to recruit and interview  
WHERE: Tyler Hilton Garden Inn at 220 E. Grande Blvd., Tyler TX 75703 | Garden Room 1
BACKGROUND: Sadiant Health is expanding its workforce from North Texas to East Texas with      its first recruitment event in Tyler to hire Tyler, Longview, and surrounding area nurses who are seeking flexible working conditions and higher pay. Champions for flexible working, higher pay for nurses and lower costs for healthcare facilities, Sadiant Health is transforming the nurse staffing industry with its app that connects nurses and healthcare facilities directly – removing the middleman. Sadiant’s app was developed by the creators of the, American Airlines and United Way apps, to name a few. 

Located in Fort Worth, TX, Sadiant was founded by nurses who created an on-demand solution so healthcare facilities can maintain critical staffing ratios needed to provide the best patient care possible. With its team of qualified nurses, serving healthcare facilities across Texas, Sadiant is improving healthcare one shift at a time.


Fort Worth sisters tackle nursing shortage, pay with app

May 5, 2018

Written by Linda Kessler
Fort Worth Business Press 

Sadiant Health brings nurses and facilities together through technology
Technology increasingly allows people and businesses to get what they need at the touch of a button – food, rides, housekeepers and lawn workers – revolutionizing the way business is done.

Fort Worth sisters Leah Cooper and Sarah O'Connor saw this trend as a chance to use on-demand technology to help hospitals and health care facilities hire nurses to fill shift vacancies.

Through the use of their app, Sadiant Health, they are not only helping to alleviate some of Texas’s nursing shortage, but they also are able to pay nurses 20 percent more for their work while simultaneously charging health care facilities 25 percent less than a traditional staffing agency.

When a nurse working at a hospital calls in sick, if that shift cannot be filled by a nurse already on staff, the replacement process can be tedious and expensive.
The charge nurse calls a local staffing agency, which checks availability and verifies workers’ credentials.

Agencies have to pay recruiters and the credentialing team.

“We don't have that,” O’Connor said. “All of that is done via technology. First of all, you're able to reach the health care professional faster, quicker, immediately, and second of all you have a pre-populated list of credentials within our app.”

Through Sadiant Health, nurses can indicate when they are available and upload information on their certificates, licenses, degrees and other references. The nurses list the credential, when it was issued and by whom, and post an image picture of the physical certificate.

Sadiant Health Launches Nurse Staffing App to Fix Provider Shortages, Burnout

February 5, 2018

Written by Lauren Hasson
Dallas Innovates

Cooper’s experience as a charge nurse demonstrated to her the challenges associated with keeping a health care facility staffed.
During a staffing shortage, Cooper would call several traditional agencies to request a nurse. This led to hours on the phone waiting for agencies to call their list of nurses, with no guarantee of fulfillment. Additionally, the large fees charged by agencies made bringing on support cost-prohibitive. The result was often a shift that was understaffed, causing the nurses on the floor to take on a higher patient load and work overtime.

She found that staffing shortages were reducing the quality of care provided to patients and increasing stress on the caregivers. Plus, nurses were experiencing burnout and leaving the field in alarmingly high numbers.


Startup’s Healthcare-Staffing App Aims to One-up Traditional Employment Agencies

December 10, 2017

Written by Glenn Hunter
D CEO Healthcare

A Dallas-based startup that’s offering one of the first healthcare-staffing apps is currently testing its “gig-economy solution” with a major North Texas healthcare network. Sadiant Health, whose four founders include two nurses, currently has 20 medical assistants and RNs in its pool of contingent workers. Following its pilot program with the healthcare system, which Sadiant declined to name, the startup plans to “hit the market” in earnest next month.

Sadiant says its app and web portal, developed by Dallas-based Five Pack Creative, offer “easy scheduling functionality that allows nurses and allied health staff to set their own schedules and receive notifications of available shifts; free, on-line credential storage and management to keep [workers’] qualifications and work history up to date and easy to access; and a streamlined process for facilities to request and accept per diem help in minutes.”

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